5 Feb 2010

All the single ladies...

So let this be the naked formal introduction to the gang of paper dolls currently working with me… We have Anna Doll, Joan Doll, Helen Doll, Lucy Doll and Dolly Doll. They are a team of dolls, working full time to make clothes look good and bring you information about new styles, fashion finds and experiments.. all named after an icon of mine…these dolls are leaders not followers of fashion and hope to empower you to interpret or be inspired by their sometimes off-hand style choices... I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy working with them, even though they are a bit of a raucous bunch at times…they know when to behave! Any questions about the dolls, their outfits or goings on…get in touch with Holly Berry via email address located in ‘About me’ on this page.x

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