3 Feb 2010

Book review..anthology of illustration..

I've just finished reading my Christmas present to myself; 'Amelia's anthology of illustration' the new book from the creator of Amelia's magazine which I picked up from her book launch at the Concrete Hermit in December. I've been reading a few pages a day all year, and what an inspiring and uplifting read!
The book marries the inventions of scientists whose desire is to create positive change to society and environment with the powerful communication skills of some amazing illustrators from around the world, making this book an educational eye opener as well as a feast of figures, model makings, collage and colour.
Some of my favourite inventions was a floating balloon wind generator...supplying power to local villages by Fred Ferguson, and a Ladder-mill stack of kites not only creating stunning moving image above our heads but providing power from windy hill-tops. All of these genius and innovative inventions were brought to life by an illustrator...whose job it was to depict the workings, mechanics and poetry of each product for the reader to gain an insight into future possibilities without feeling like they're reading a science manual. Each illustrator also had a profile of their own thoughts, inspirations and working life...my favourite work being by Justin Wallis with his cute little holding hands gang.
I'm not naive enough to think that any one of these alternative power sources will be the one that saves us, but I do know that it is this multi-disciplinary, open minded and multi-faceted approach to problem solving that will impact our local and global societies to the benefit of future generations.
I think it's a very powerful message that we can celebrate and get excited about these things, and harness not only wind, wave and solar power...but CREATIVE POWER!! Thank you Amelia!

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