4 Feb 2010


I have recently rediscovered the fine art of doodling...as I spend a lot of time on hold at the moment... I once heard musings that doodles were the window to the soul...that one could tell alot about you from the subjects of said doodles...what do these say about me? Head full of ideas? Organized confusion? Angry dog separated from spooky rabbit by unusual sunshine?

I'm thinking prints for T-shirts....black on white/white on black....repeat prints for my studio curtains or linings to soften my tailored pieces...
Best tools for the job...only a black biro will do! I’m going to keep doodling until I have a whole collection to choose from and do a mini-doodle inspired print collection.

Places to doodle:

1. on the phone

2. waiting for water to boil

3. waiting for computer uploads

4. waiting for boyfriend to find his keys...


  1. love a good doodle... wish I had more time..

    please can I have some doodle cushions.. my poor sofa could really do with a doodle makeover! x

  2. Yes, you shall be the first to own a doodle design!