8 Feb 2010

Monday inspirations...

I made a pact with myself a few weeks ago, that I would do something inspiring every Monday, and this week, as it's so cold outside...I decided to take a walk down memory lane and look through some of my old sketchbooks...a constant source and documentation of all those little things I find inspiring and beautiful. Soap packaging, tear sheets, drawings from holidays, photographs, notes, fabric samples and colour swatches....
I love to keep my cluttered thoughts together in this way, though they never make sense at the time....on a return journey they are very useful as prompts for colour theory, shape and silhouette research at the beginning of a project, or the start of a mood for a new collection or piece.
These bug drawings of mine for example, I did them on holiday in Hungary last year...I am going to have printed onto a thick calico in various proportions to hang as heavy floor length curtains in the new building me and my boyfriend are currently doing up, I might also get them embroidered onto table cloths or printed onto wallpaper... an idea a day keeps un-fulfilment at bay!!

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