4 Mar 2010

Eco-design pop up shop at the Barbican

This weekend the Barbican are playing host to the 'Eco-design pop up shop'! Featuring the work of Osian Batyka-Williams; sustainable product and furniture designer, who focuses on unusual materials and uses to produce very special pieces; from one off sculpted chairs to these money box frames, where you can slot in a picture of something your heart desires, that you want to save for! The more you save..the less of the image you see...and the closer you are to being able to afford it!! An amazing idea, and a great design solution to today's greedy culture, I love the process of saving up for something, as it makes the having of the item all the more special...whilst also allowing the saver to seriously consider their desired purchase instead of making a spontaneous purchase! Do these money boxes offer a new meaning and way of buying, as well as an object of beauty for the home?! I want to cover my walls in them...I'll be saving for: colourful yarns for my loom, a summer trip to Budapest, a basket for my bike, an Alice in wonderland party and a gallery visit or ten!!
The Eco-design pop up shop is open this weekend; Sat 10am til 9.30pm Sun 10am til 4pm.

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