5 Apr 2010

Beauty cometh with age..

Did you know that by2033- 25% of the population will be aged over 65?

This is a group who are widely being neglected in terms of exciting design; and only seem to be targeted in add campaigns when it comes to 'anti-wrinkle creams' or incontinence pads. We are all heading the same way, and with better health care and more opportunities available to us later in life, why is this section of society still being over-looked and not a whole new party?! Don't women of a sexily gray nature deserve to be empowered, beautified, celebrated and cherished! The experience, stories and years of accumulated style must count for something more than beige twinsets and pleated skirts! Where's the colour and the luxury?!

Surely after a life of building up careers/homes/children/communities...women can eventually let their hair down, have fun and feel confident in their dress! Anna Piaggi (above) certainly is not afraid to continually express her colourful and experimental nature through her dress! An inspiration to teenagers and pensioners alike.

I feel a responsibility as a designer to provide for this age group, why, they are the most beautiful of all! Gray= GLAMOUR!!

If you're looking for a 'gray model' look no further than the Gray Model Agency.

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