18 Apr 2010

Constructing a new world.

Patchwork quilt inspiration coming your way soon...
Text for posters, magazines and journals...

This is going strait into our new boutique! Multi-purpose for fashion, products, books, exhibitions and even cake sales!

Theo Van Doesburg. 'Girl with buttercups' 1914

So on my visit to the Tate modern yesterday..I found myself wondering into the 'Van Doesburg and the international avant-garde'... The best I've seen there since their similar 'Consturctivists' exhibition last year...and similarly connected.

This is one of my favourite eras of art and design...and one where the worlds or art and design cross over and share a form of language. Never decorative for the sake of it, and with considered placements of colour, shale and the spaces in between, even lettering designs all fitting into the same shaped boxes and rectangles. So pleasing to my hungry eyes.

I left this exhibition so full of inspiration! Ideas for black and white patchwork blankets, visual display units for the art-design and community-cafe' I am working on opening with my boyfriend later this year and the idea of magazines, artists communities and representing and promoting a circle and network of creative friends who share values, loves and styles... the way of life for this artist and designer has soaked into me...and when our design space is up and running...when I'm not weaving, sewing or patch-working...I shall be making a special little hand-printed magazine to celebrate of my creative genius friends!

This exhibition is on at the Tate Modern, London untill 16th May, so pop along while you still can to soak it all up! http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/vandoesburg/default.shtm

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  1. Thank you! I am in desperate need of some inspiration and your post reminded me of how much that exhibition made my mind buzz. I was lucky enough to see it twice, the wall of sketchbook pages was my favourite piece.