12 Apr 2010

Or do they?

This public message recently struck a cord with me... I am sick to death of the pantomime between political parties at the moment, the embarrassing public slagging match between the people who are supposed to be looking after the country. Who's taking care of business?

There are so many negative words, statements and slander... not a good mood for starting a better future! I don't want to see my politicians and government going gray, shouting over each other and making fancy add campaigns, I want to see them building positive campaigns, movements and local revolutions! Taking action.

The above graffiti made me feel like everyone has stopped thinking about what matters, 'nobody cares', we've been abandoned in favour of a school playground popularity contest! Who's going to be the bigger and better man (or woman) and just be honest and show us with actions and kindness what is possible for this country and this world!

On a positive note, I did see some graffiti on the Old Kent road on Friday, someones tag I think...simply saying 'C'est Bon'!

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