22 Apr 2010

Yarns a go go!

New editions to the studio!! I am now fully stocked up with a luxurious selection of yarns...

Tref and I collected these yarns last night from a lovely lady in north London...and I've had a glorious morning picturing the creations that will come from them! I am now due in a matter of hours to head up to Leeds, where I am sourcing yarns for some Morse-code double cloth scarves (coming soon!) and some special secret fabrics for my 'Free as a bird' collection!

Despite the forecast for the 'hottest summer ever' I feel that I will be spending many hours in blissful woven solitude, and cannot wait to deliver my designs! Planning an open studio sales event at the end of summer, so you can come and see how I've got on and have a glass of wine with me!

1 comment:

  1. sounds like life is getting busier holly. loving these colours and cant wait to see the end results.
    might have to save up some cash to come to ur open event
    Jo xxx