20 Jun 2010

Cockpit Arts Open Studio;Deptford

Melting rainbow paintings by Ling-Ting Kao.

Hand printed wallpaper by Lizzie Allen (soon to be featuring in my new flat!)

Todays outing was a trip to the much anticiapated Deptford branch of Cockpit Arts Studios; a hub of designer makers of all ages and crafts bases, carving a place for themselves in the contemporary crafts market.

This was a unique opportunity to talk to the makers and designers themselves to find out the history, story and methods used in making these fantastically unique pieces. Porcelain scenes (Katherine Morling) and clay chains, laser cut lace and reclaimed rubber....the inventive spirit is alive in Deptford, a creative community of experimentation, art and ideas, all fostered in a friendly and supportive environment.

One can really get into the nitty gritty here and see how each piece is conceived and executed, not only an inspiration, but a much needed opportunity to support British makers and designers. Go to the Cockpit website to sign up to the newsletter to find out about the next open studio and a list of all the makers.

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