9 Jun 2010

Crafty Calculations =

As we now know, it is no longer a luxury to buy a new pair of shoes...as it has turned into something we can achieve so easily... clothes made in sweat-shops are no longer a treat and 'stuff' is so readily available to us, it is no longer a treat to shop, but a national pass time. So what do we value, and what does 'luxury' now mean?

After much debate with some industry experts at a conference I attended, it was decided that peace of mind, safety, space and time were considered the new luxuries, prompting new calls for experiential design... what can we offer our nation of consumers in the way of experiences, that could halt our tragic greed and disposal whilst still keep designers and manufacturers in work.

What do we value? How is value communicated through a product? The making process, the skill, the time and love that is captured in the essence of a product, the story it tells and the feelings it emotes in us.

These are all philosophies I am exploring in my textiles wok, and I hope to be able to show you how at my open studio event in September, where I can demonstrate the time, love and effort that goes into each of my products.

Can I boil craft down into a simple scientific equation:

Value = time + love x effort

Luxury = time + peace x space

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