14 Jul 2010

Textile Futures MA Show. St Martins.

Jennifer Browne- Articulating Textiles

Yuann Shen- A little Fragile

Laerke Hooge Andersen- The Synthetic Kingdom

Dana Haim- Lace is More

A very excited me took myself along to the Textile Futures MA show at Central St Martins a couple of weeks ago, excited because I had just been accepted onto the course!! Sadly it clashes with my upcoming weave residency in the Shetland islands (which I cannot wait to blog about!), so I shall be Shetland bound this year and then hopefully St Martins Textiles Futures bound next year.

I love this course, that's why I applied, it's a contemporary interpretation of future sustainable practice within the textiles industries, and all that that entails, working with scientists, crafts people, technology, industry and unique materials, the spirit of the show encapsulated a new breed of designers who question what they see and aren't held back by reason, possibility or disbelief, producing a show of ideas, prototypes, challenging research and experiments that should push the world forward, towards a sustainable future, and away from the systems and level of competence that we are currently used to.

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  1. All I'm saying is - Jennifer Browne's models: fit as!