2 Sep 2010

My demented sock

A lot of people have been asking me recently where I get my colour inspiration from for my woven cloths. It's a silly story really, about a rather demented sock bought at a car boot sale in Kingston when I was a student there.

This is no ordinary sock, and it isn't part of a pair (to my knowledge...do you have the other one?) This sock is extraordinarily long of foot and square of heel rendering it unwearable by human standards and only useful to those strange beings of our imagination. It's not only the shape that inspires the imagination though...the colours in this sock are perfect in my opinion! It is this seemingly absent minded application of random (or not) hues that have inspired some of my woven cloths and I'm sure will continue to add an element of the unexpected, exaggerated and larger than life loveliness that comes from my favourite sock!

If you have any inspirational colourful and odd objects, I'd love to see them too, you can email them to me and I'll put them on my blog!

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