11 Oct 2010

Gold Peg and Mighty Mo!

"Who are gold peg and monkey"? I ask myself whilst on many a London tube and train, who are these graffiti artists that have so magnificently re-appropriated this simple clothesline adornment and re branded our brick walls with their delicate pastilles and menacing monkey faces??? It seems this is the work of Gold peg and Mighty Mo, part of the Burning Candy clan of roof hoppers and alley dwellers... risking their jeans to lumber up walls and decorate our 'staring out of the train window on the way to work' moments. It's just what October is made for...I love Autumn, and this just makes it even better!! I know a wall in New Cross that is calling out for such adornment! MINE! I doubt this is the sort of thing that can be commissioned, but if a peg suddenly appears anywhere near 106 New Cross Rd, I will be a very happy lady indeed!

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