20 Dec 2010

I am not a machine! - The Joy of hand making.

Oh the joy of hand making! What a wonderful and rewarding pleasure! Even when I make a gazillion mistakes, as the reward of rectifying them is great and brings order to my chaotic and confused world! (studio) If I were a machine these eccentricities and occasional imperfections would not occur, they are the traces of me as a person and maker, evident through all that I make, each telling a small message about me.

I have spent the last week glued/tangled to my loom,
weaving like a demon! Getting over some very sticky situations with some new 100% British wool I'm using, and breaking the record for number of snapped threads per 1" of weaving ! (all rectified now, thank you). It was freezing cold in my studio, but radio four, weaving and a continuous supply of earl grey kept me warm, and I realised that when I'm weaving, my life seems to make perfect sense!

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