7 Feb 2011

Museum of everything

Can you squeeze in one last visit to the museum of everything before it closes at the end of the week! Circus freaks and shell grotto's, squirrel dinner parties and two headed lambs.... plus a crazy farmers mini mechanical fairground! = inspired! Go to the cafe and sip strong coffee whilst noting down your inspirations and listen to little tiny children declaring that all the dollies in the exhibition should be theirs.... Challenged not to go home and cut up my newspapers and get out the colouring pencils.

Favourite quotes:

"I bought four or five machines that didn't work...our family motto is who wants to be normal anyway?"

"Artists like Ted (Wilcox) probably start off wanting to achieve something, but do not quite have the means to do it. So they invent means. Somewhere in between the intention, the ambition and the finished product, the outsider artist invents his own way of doing it."

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