13 Jul 2011

Textiles telling stories

On Sunday I visited The Hill Station Cafe on Telegraph Hill in New Cross. On the outside the building is clad in imagery of local peoples' textiles stories, each annotated with memories and accounts of personal attachments, communicating the emotions embedded within our textiles. It is this relationship and enriching, precious quality that I am interested in exploring and developing within my own textiles work, aiming to create textiles for the future for people to fill full of memories, comfort and emotion. A move away from fast and throw away, towards individuality and slow design. 


  1. Hi Holly. I just finished watching you on Mastercrafts and your work was as lovely as you!

    The story in this post about the crochet baby blankets is really touching to me. My own grandmother was a knitter, and everyone got a blanket. I lost her a few years ago and it means more to me than I can say to be able to hold something she made specially for me. It's like having a hug from her.

    Is there a link somewhere to find your work for sale? Best of luck to you!


  2. That's a lovely story! Here's a link to my new online shop: