22 Sep 2011

Hand Woven Alphabet

I have now unveiled my hand woven Morse-code Alphabet at Portraits In The Making, a new exhibition at PM Gallery & House in Ealing for the London Design Festival.  I have been making my alphabet all summer, my aim is for it to provoke an emotional response to textiles, the history, love, stories and memories embedded in them, in this case quite literally with lettering. This is a coded technique I use throughout my weaving work to communicate a sense of identity and value.

Portraits In The Making is open to the public until 12th November and there's a mass of workshops and activities for you to engage with, as well as a specially created Handling Collection; a room full of objects, sample and developments for you to touch, hold and feel, to gain more of a sense of the makers and processes behind these works.

For more details and images of the full alphabet please click here

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