7 Dec 2011

re-boot and re-connect

So yes, I have been AWOL since my trip to MADE11 in Brighton last month. It was a wonderful experience to meet some of my lovely customers and make new friends, as well as winning a very special Peer Prize at the show! Since coming back I've been trying to catch up with all of the things I couldn't do when I was frantically weaving in preparation for the show, note the new look blog and brand spanking new WEBSITE with even spankier new SHOP for your browsing pleasure. Now I can move on to more weave based studio activities such as designing new pieces for next year, developing ideas for an exciting new commission and I have scheduled in some very important play time at my loom to experiment with some new structures, shapes and techniques! And getting back to a bit more blogging activity. Here's my stand at MADE11:

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