7 Dec 2011

Send me your Shuttle Drawings

Hello all, new project about to start, and I want you to get involved please. I want to create an online gallery of Hand-Drawn pictures of the tools used in Hand-Weaving. I am collecting drawings from all ages, using all media, realistic or utterly abstract, what ever style you fancy, this is not a competition but a community of people who love and appreciate the value of hand making and hand drawing. When I have enough drawings I will launch the online gallery, so please include your name and age (if you want to) and you will be credited next to your drawing. Heck, if I get enough drawings we could even do a real life exhibition!! Send your drawings to my studio address and/or scan and send in high res to holly@hollyberryprojects.com 
Here are some of my hand weaving tools - shuttles and some of the first drawings I have recived:

Don't be shy, I can't wait to see what people do! 

1 comment:

  1. Oh, this is lovely! i've got a drawn shuttle at the top of my blog: annahlegg.tumblr.com
    let me know if you want a bigger version!!

    Annah xx