23 Feb 2012

Excellent Makers

I am a proud maker and girlfriend today! My designer-maker boyfriend Osian Batyka-Williams was chosen to feature in the New Balance - Excellent Makers campaign for 2012. Here's what they say about him: 

A London-based designer, and modern Jack-of-all-trades, Osian works as an industrial designer, furniture maker, teacher, and builder. He believes in utilizing eco-friendly practices as often as possible—most of his pieces feature recycled and/or reclaimed materials. For Osian it’s about, “finding these shapes, these discarded projects, these discarded forms, and putting them back together in a way that creates something new that has a value.” One of his most recognized pieces is the “cutlery chair.” Working with discarded cutlery from hotels, restaurants, etc., Osian individually bends and spot-welds each piece to create a uniquely, handcrafted work of art. His latest project is a 1960s townhome renovation in London. Osian hopes to create a space that the community can utilize for years to come. 

Watch this short film about his life and works as a maker, and take it from me, he is excellent!