17 Mar 2012


So a while back I asked for people to send me their hand drawings of tools used to make hand made pieces. Such as the beautiful wooden shuttles used in my weaving. Here's some incredible drawings various people have been sending to me, including a photo of fellow weaver Allison based in Nashville USA and her hand drawn shuttle tattoo, another appreciator of hand made textiles and baking. Please send me drawings of hand making tools, to celebrate the art of producing by hand!

 Alison and her shuttle tattoo, below is the original tattoo design. 

 This colourful collection has been drawn by Linda Gregory.
A shuttle masterpiece by Nina Hunt.

These special drawings are by illustrator Sarah Dyer what a treat!

Send your drawings to me at: holly@hollyberryprojects.com as high res as possible. When I have gathered enough I will create a gallery page to showcase them all on my website and host an exhibition displaying original copies. Thank you. x

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