7 Aug 2012

@The Cottage Project Pop Up

Recently I have been focusing all of my creative energies on my other venture with maker boyfriend Osian Batyka-WilliamsThe Cottage Project this is something we've been planning for a while, a space in New Cross that we're turning into a creative cafe, gallery, studio or a 'micro department store'. As part of this venture, we were given the opportunity to run a pop up space at the New Balance Olympic HQ during the London Olympics, as New Balance are celebrating 30 years of domestic manufacture in the UK, at their trainer factory in Flimby. We have organised a makers space, where each day a new designer-maker sets up a temporary studio at the pop up and makes what they're passionate about; we have Katherine May making bold geometric patchwork, Jessica Light with her trims and tassels, Joss Barton with stunning Diamond Lights, and many more... see the menu of makers:

I myself, have set up studio there for a few days and am weaving a New Balance inspired cloth with NB in Morse-code (  _ .  _ . . . ) inspired by our road trip to the factory in Flimby and the small details and accents occurring in the making process of New Balance shoes. We are having a great time introducing British artisans and a big of Cottage industry to visitors to London and enjoying taking the first steps as The Cottage Project, which will be opening in New Cross Gate later this year.

The Cottage Project website: http://www.thecottagelondon.com/
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