8 Jan 2013


January is a time to play and adjust to a new year. In my studio I am experimenting with ideas, looking at the different colours of food, sampling new patterns, using felt tip pens, designing and making 'things' some of which may become new product designs and some which will remain oddities to loiter around the studio as a reminder to play and allow time to be creative. Two motivations / inspirations for me whilst I'm playing are Alexander Calder's film Le Cirque and Spartacus Chetwynd's nomination at this years Turner Prize. Both show an inspirational amount of joy and enthusiasm, both low-tech and childlike with elements of nonsense. This method of creating for the sake or joy of creating is where I believe good ideas to be born, and if not, then a good excuse to have fun. And that is what I am doing this January. Watch Calders film to see some quite special puppeteering and kinetic performance: