21 Sep 2014

A Year of Playful Weaving.

Last year I made a decision to spend some time testing, experimenting, studying and learning. I enrolled onto the Diploma course at the Handweavers Studio (London) and have just come to the end of my first year of studies. My aims were / are to deepen and broaden to exploration and technical range within my weaving works, taking some time away from products, production and prototyping, to be playful, take risks and try new techniques. I have been enjoying the diploma course so much, that I have been terrible at recording my progress so far, so I am going to start processing my blogging backlog, as I think it important and interesting (to me anyway) to document my experience. Expect studio shots, loom malfunctions, swatches, research, things that don't look like my work at all, but actually are, and hopefully some new ideas that are worth pursuing! I set out to try many different materials, structures and techniques that I don't usually use in my practice, therefore, some worked well, and others I didn't like at all. But it's all valuable learning in my opinion.