11 Oct 2015

Back at the Loom

After finishing my Hand Weaving Diploma course earlier this year, and following an inspiring summer trip to Nicaragua (breath taking!) I am now happily spending allot of time back at my loom in my workshop, where I am weaving up batches of my new designs, which I will be launching at MADE London. My new collection of hand-woven pieces references ENERGY and CONNECTIONS, consisting of many linked and tessellated structures, triangles, diamonds and grids. Importantly all the pieces are luxurious, soft and bright, I'm really enjoying the process of hand weaving, with it's simple variations, meaning that each piece is one of a kind. Working with wool at this time of year is also a very lovely thing! I can't wait to show the collection as a whole for the first time and see how people respond to the designs. I have also been working on some special hand and mill woven booklets, to sit alongside my work, which explain the process and intricacies behind each piece. After the show, I will be continuing to make hand woven pieces for sale on my new web shop (coming soon), and I will be refreshing my website too. 

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