10 Feb 2016

Tilburg Textiel Museum

I've just got back from a little research trip to Antwerp and Tilburg where I visited the Tilburg Textiel Museum. I went specifically for the Fibre Art from Japan exhibition, which was mind bendingly complex and intricate. I particularly liked learning about TARIKI explained as: a piece often comes out best when the maker entrusts as much as possible in the materials and lets things take their natural course. Embracing coincidence. Now freshly motivated to get into my studio with some new warps on my sample loom and see what happens! In contract to this, was the Textile Lab a specialist textile workshop and guidance centre, for designers and researchers to experiment, produce and learn. I was allowed to walk up to and around all of the machinery, touch samples, see the materials libraries and development pieces. It's an incredible facility, I wish we had something similar in the UK for testing ideas before production stage. I particularly loved the 'tufting' room, which changed my preconceived ideas of what a carpet could be!


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