12 Feb 2010

All we need is LOVE!

This Valentine’s Day I'm preoccupied with the unromantic kind of love, sitting next to each other silently and supportively throughout many years like these chairs I saw in Amsterdam. Without roses picked by children who are poisoned from pesticides in Africa, or chocolates wrapped in packaging that never decomposes... my challenge is to redefine the 'romantic'...making Valentines a sustainable day that’s effects last all year...taking the time to notice and cherish the small, simple acts of love that surround us all the time, a favour from a friend, a glowing reference, porridge stirred and delivered to my bed... the perfect drink and funny rituals between people that truly know each other... these are the things I'm celebrating this weekend, in my own original way, no stereotypes here please! This is not only easier on the purse but enhances an everlasting, sustainable love! And love is truly worth sustaining!!

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