15 Feb 2010

Master your tools...

I have got my head (and my fingers and my toes) buried in my sewing machine this week... preparing my final pieces for my London fashion week window in Bethnal Green next week! Knowing that I am going to be spending the entirety of this week glued to my machine is strangely comforting...so much of our working lives are taken up with emails, paper-work, phone calls and organizing...I had forgotten how much I love just sitting and sewing, toile’s, samples or exhibit wonders... cutting, pinning and making something with my hands from start to finish is so satisfying and rewarding, seeing my ideas take form in three dimensions... I love it! Today’s role of designer-maker is to re-instate the value and skill in making things. Master your tools and your craft in order to make objects of beauty! Creative communities of people getting their hands dirty! That’s what I want to see!

1 comment:

  1. I agree. Sitting down and just sewing feels so relaxing. I love your collection of sewing machines! I have a very vintage antique sewing machine (I should take a picture of it and post in my blog site).
    Anyways, I love your blog a lot, and I'm going to follow you b/c I love what you do! :D