24 Feb 2010

Family heirloom..

As promised, this is a photograph of the quilt my mum started when she was a little girl. It's full of fabrics from my mothers childhood, my Nana's tea towels and parts of old dresses. When it was passed on to me it was the size of a single duvet, and now I'm slowly making it into a double duvet size, using parts from my clothes alterations, left-overs from past collections, samples and some of my clothes from childhood, I will line the back with white antique pillow cases. I even found in it a needle and thread, half way though a line of stitching, which I was able to finish off, decades after it was abandoned. A major work in progress, which captures the essence of my family, the relationships, memories and stories. This blanket when finished will be such a treasure, definitely the thing I'd save in a fire! It's like a textiles photo album and holds allot of 'Berry' family history and emotion!

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