24 Feb 2010

Paper Dolls get political..Think Act Vote!!

The paper dolls have had a little adventure this week, and have been getting involved in a little light political action!

I was lucky enough to be asked to design the image used in the 'Think Act Vote' campaign currently running; Think Act Vote is a campaign founded to engage our citizens in the up coming election. Our future is in our hands and we have the opportunity to: THINK about what change we need, ACT by standing up for what you believe in, and then make sure your VOTE is heard.

Think Act Vote is also running a T-shirt design competition, entries must be in by the 7th March, for more information look at the 'Think Act Vote' website: http://thinkactvote.org/

I like the idea of harnessing our collective power, creatively within our communities to create a positive change politically and environmentally, I shall definitely be thinking, acting and voting!!

1 comment:

  1. I love those paper dolls especially with that watery aesthetic..just recently my mum and I agreed we need more opinionated people ANC make ourselves heard, great cause!