15 Mar 2010

'care' labels...

In my recent investigations into what care labels to apply to my new fashion collection and woven textiles pieces, I have stumbled upon an environmental and social problem!
Would you believe that the majority of a garments environmental impact occurs during the washing and so called 'care' of our clothes! We wash our clothes too much! (I'm not a soap dodger FYI) we do intensive washing machine cycles when sometimes all we need is a little sponge-clean in the sink!
This causes more damage to our planet than the production of the raw materials, the dying and weaving/spinning of said materials, the energy used when cutting and sewing the garments and the shipping and eventual disposal of our clothes! This is because of the electrical energy and water we waste when washing our clothes, and harmful chemicals released into the water stream during the wash.
So maybe, if you just don't think you're into 'ethical' fashion, but you have a social or environmental conscience...you could just wear your clothes for longer, look after them better and wash them less...to do your 'bit'. That's my excuse anyway!
On my garments, I think I will have a specially designed label stating 'sponge clean regularly, dry-clean/hand wash in emergencies'.

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