16 Mar 2010

Mastercrafts Exhibition!!!

Exciting News!!!

Mastercrafts exhibition in the beautiful 'Margo Selby' shop. Opens today! If you enjoyed Mastercrafts on BBC2 last Friday, it is well worth a trip down to Margo's studio and shop, to visit her amazing woven work and also catch a glimpse of the work that myself, Tref and Momtaz achieved whilst studying under Margo's instruction for the programme.

We used the softest cashmere and merino wool, that could never fully come accross on the TV, and is a total treat to touch! With my own work, you can also check out the Morse-code message hidden in the double cloth design; spelling out 'Love'!

See my Mastercrafts adventure on BBC 1-Player:


  1. ooh wish i could come but too little cashflow at the mo! hope it goes really well and you maybe get some commissions, holly.
    Jo xxx

  2. Hello there!

    I thought the pieces you did for the programme were amazing. Really loved the look of them but even more so now that you posted close up pictures. Can finally see the weave structure close up.

    It's a shame the message in your cloth wasn't brought across in the programme.

    I'm a beginning weaver and really enjoyed the programme. I loved your pieces and like you weaving calls to me in a way other crafts just don't.

    Does Tref have a website too?

    What loom did you get!?

  3. Thank you!

    Yes Tref's website is:
    There is a link to it in the above blog post (if you click on his name) and a link on my website 'friends' page too.


    I got a very old eight shaft counterbalance loom! I'll put some pictures up of it soon.

    Enjoy your weaving!

  4. Love the colours you used. I trained as a weaver, but my little 4 shaft loom has been in my parents' loft for years! Think you may have inspired me to dust it off and use it again
    Victoria x

  5. Well done on achieving so much in 6 weeks. I understand how hard it must have been having all that emotion on camera on top of the exhaustion. I experienced the exhaustion at the end of my BA textile design course, (specialising in weave) completed last summer. When the deadlines are looming and so much work to do. Congratulations with the results, they were stunning, double weave, one of my favorites. (although it wasn't last June!!)

  6. I thought the journey you all made with your looms was amazing! Well done all of you, it was obviously exhausting, but worth it. The mastercraft shows have been great to watch - even my teenagers are hooked!
    Good luck in the future all of you.

  7. Hi, you have a real eye for colour and pattern, lovely work

  8. Lovely pieces and very impressed with yoru sticking power, along with business acumen.

    When you cut the first piece off and didn't want to cut it, I so know where you were coming from !! probably why I stick to scarves.

    Best wishes Shani

  9. Just watched the Weaving Masterclass - better late than never. Nice to see you are still weaving.