3 Mar 2010

Fashioning an Ethical Industry Conference...

I have just finished two days at the 'Fashioning an ethical Industry' conference and have come away with a head full of drastically imaginative ideas, project proposals and research topics! Part of today was spent just getting down to some serious networking, and it was so refreshing to be surrounded by people who share similar convictions and passions with me! All willing to collaborate and support one another!
Weavers, writers, designers, educators, students and activists, all stylishly came together and literally thrashed out ideas to create a positive change and enhance the world for the benefit of environment and communities! This is what government should do, on a micro-scale, but it is encouraging to see and be part of a group of people all willing to come together to form pathways for change!
Messages I've come away with from today:
  • Buy less but buy better!
  • Fast fashion is not good for you (just as fast food is not)
  • Economic and industrial obsession with growth must stop!
  • Vote with your wallet!
  • Education is the most effective tool for future change
I also picked up this quote from Oscar Wilde:
"Fashion is a force of ugliness, so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months"
I agree that the prescriptive nature of fashion is intolerably ugly, but the freedom of expression, creativity and possibilities within fashion are a power we are loosing and must harness! We need to get back to the original definition of fashion, as the act of coming together to make something.

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