3 Mar 2010

In out in out shake it all about...

Opting out of consumer culture... Opting in by contributing to fashion through design..
I realized today that I haven't bought any new clothes for ages!! I stopped shopping as a leisure activity years ago, but have still enjoyed the odd purchasing treat every now and then...but I can't remember when I last went shopping for a new fashion garment, and I haven't even tried!
So...I decided, if I've done it accidentally...to decide to make a pledge to NOT BUY ANY NEW CLOTHES FOR THE WHOLE OF 2010!!
I'll allow myself underwear if necessary, and perhaps two or three vintage/charity shop pieces during the year...but I now declare that I won't buy a single new item, and will instead make and customize my own clothes plus swapping and borrowing etc.

This led me to look at my wardrobe in more detail! and I had to question the greed levels of today's fashion consumer. I have an abundance of clothing hanging on my rails and crammed into draws, I collect clothes and have historic pieces from around the world...precious pieces of my mums, things that I've made, items holding special memories as well as classic pieces and comfort clothing, so why do I need more?

I'm opting out of consumer pressure and behaviour in the fashion system, becoming my own maker and driver...I will put back into that system my new fashion collection pieces, which act as add-ons to enhance clothes we already have...I will be making and wearing these pieces myself, and selling them to fashion minded and conscious consumers, who share my ethos or simply want to look and feel special wearing my unique work!

So here goes...though I've been doing it unconsciously, I am now opting out of consumer-culture! Any purchases I happen to make, I will photograph, post and explain on my blog! Let me know if you're doing or thinking of doing the same!! (or have anything you'd like to swap with me!)

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