2 Mar 2010

Otto Von Busch....Hero!

This man is my new fashion hero! after seeing him talk today at the first day of the Fashioning and Ethical Industry conference in East London!
A fashion activist, researcher, philosopher and utter comedian! I could've listened to his poetic speech all day! Focusing on such issues as fashion rituals, the willingness to invest emotion and meaning into our clothes, the loss of expressive love in our wardrobe and a project on hacking brand codes, an utter inspiration and pioneer following his heart and his mind in strange and new paths in fashion...it is this creativity, passion and drive that I find draws me to fashion, I can relate to this so much more than the 'luxury' add campaigns and seasonal fashion shows that have become so prescriptive and institutionalized!
Fashion is changing, and it's people like this who will help to carve out new meanings and uses for fashion and the systems within it! Making it mystically wonderful, utterly expressive and creative again, and turning away from the machine!

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