11 Mar 2010

Holly Berry new website!!

I am looking forward to quite an important day tomorrow! The episode of Mastercrafs that I took part in is broadcasting on BBC2 at 9pm, and will show my emotional and wonderfully colourful journey of how I learnt to weave last year! And when this airs I will then be able to share with you all of my images and work from the time on the programme (filming was in October and November last year). I will be putting up images here on my blog, and launching my official 'Holly Berry' website, featuring my fashion collection, my woven-textiles work and details about my workshops and education programmes! I shall post the official launch here, and please get in touch if you'd like to be added to my mailing list to receive all new details of up-coming events, offers, exhibitions and new designs!
A very important Friday! And I just can't wait to share my experience with everyone!
(warning; I cry like a baby, and am a bit of a drama-queen I think during the programme! It was a very intense and emotional time!)



  1. I'm watching the show now - fantastic stuff, and I think you come across really well. Really quite inspiring!

  2. I thought you were great and I would have bought your 3 metres as well. Absolutely stunning and good luck with your work.

  3. Very well done, you showed what happens when you put heart and soul into something, a rare thing, and a pleasure to see. Thanks.

  4. I was very sad that you did not win, but could see the judge's point on Tref's touch of genius.
    You seem like one of those rare people who can turn defeat into victory: you have lots of grace, ability, patience and love. Don't ever get down. Good luck