12 Mar 2010

My mastrcrafts!

I had such an amazing time, and I learnt so so much! I loved every moment of my experience, and I will be a weaver whatever it takes!!! I'm overwhelmed by the lovely support that I have received and will share my journey with my new (and somewhat temperamental) loom that I have recently welcomed into my home. Weaving is in my blood now but I couldn't do it without the lovely Margo Selby and amazing Mr Tref Davies!!!!! xxxx



  1. I'm just teaching myself to weave with the help of online textiley friends. I was astouned at the way that you and Tref took straight to the warping and threading of the loom. I suppose it is all to do with the sort of personality that we have. I am more like Momtaz, eager to get on with the weaving and totally frustrated by the planning and organising stage. As with most parts of my life, I describe my weaving as "freeform" hoping that by serendipity something great will happen. I have bookmarked this website and will be waiting for each and every post, taking out a large sppon and "eating" your creations.

    Ruth M

  2. Your work is lovely! I am just learning to weave as well. My friends from the Ravelry group The Yarn Yard pointed me to your blog. I'm glad I found it!

  3. i'm studying textile design and saw this program, which i am currently re-watching. i find your work so inspiring, the way you took to it was incredible. i'm currently trying to decide what to specialise in and i think you've done a really good job on swaying me towards weave!!!
    i really hope you keep it up (: