12 Mar 2010


My double cloth design spells 'LOVE' in Morse-code to enhance the emotional connection between the wearer and the cloth... and to communicate my passion for weave!
In a fashion industry that thrives on insecurity, I aim to promote a feeling of comfort and love through my woven cloths, using the softest yarns, and incorporating Morse code words such as 'Love', 'Comfort', 'Happy', 'Warmth' and 'Desire' into the design of the cloth. 2010 will see me developing this hand-woven textile into comfort-blankets, body-cloths, throws and accessories.

Due to an overwhelming interest in the availability of my hand-woven cloths I have started a waiting list for those of you who are interested, just get in touch, and then I can let you know when they're ready to buy. x

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