27 Mar 2010

Margo Selby studio exhibition and launch!

Thursday night saw Margo Selby launch her very special collaboration with the Old Curiosity shop, in the form of some wonderfully unique but ultimately wearable shoes, adorned in here luxurious woven signature cloth.

Alongside this Tref Davies and myself hung our final lengths from the Mastercrafts programme, for people to get up-close and personal with, as they're even more magical in the flesh than they were on TV! Our fabrics will be hanging for another could of weeks so please pay Margo and her beautiful shop a visit and have a gander.

Among the woven wonders, the magical shoes and the flowing champers, there were lots of lovely people to talk to and it was the perfect opportunity to confirm that the wonderful world of weaving is one I shall envelope my self in completely!

The following day a hangover was conquered by another visit to Margo Selby's, but this time winding a warp for my special throw samples in her basement studio. Getting lost in warp and mathematics there was no time to dwell on head-aches! Now for a weekend of getting said warm onto loom!

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