24 Mar 2010

Think Act Vote launch at Ascension!

if politics was a fashion brand, nobody would wear it!

If this were true, then tonight the tide turned! At the launch of the Think Act Vote T-shirt campaign at Eco-fashion boutique Ascension on St Christophers Place, London. This campaign is designed to really harness the collective power of our communities and inspire us to use our ideas and communication skills to start revolutions and change the world we live in by influencing the political system we are part of. It's supposed to represent us after all!

It's like a said on my blog post earlier about consumerism... we can use our people power and turn things that we dislike; consumerism/politics/policies/education... and turn these things into powers of positive change! REVOLUTION!! I'm feeling a bit rebellious today!

Politics isn’t just something that happens in the houses of parliament and voting doesn’t just happen every four years.
Every day we make choices that shape our world.

It was my first visit to the Ascension store too, and was great to see rails of fashion that doesn't compromise on sustainability with a multi-faceted approach; fair trade, intelligent materials and multi-use products, amongst books, bags, and treasures! The proof is in the pudding! It can be done!

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