10 Mar 2010

Peckham Pop-Up phenomenon!

I am loving the current trend of the 'Pop-up'!
Shops, bars, galleries, cafes and boutiques, they come, they conquer and then they go, leaving me wanting more! A great way for artists, designers, bakers and candle-stick-makers to test out a new product, idea or design! I love the genius use of space, the inclusion of local communities and the guerrilla style taking over of wasted buildings and areas, put to use for creative good!
My favourite 'popping -up' was the F-bar in my favourite place Peckham last year! Situated at the top of a multi-storey car park, customers were drawn up through levels of art-objects, sculptures and oddities until they reached the bar at the top with amazing views of London!

Maybe I will pop-up somewhere myself this summer!
Also see 'space savers' who organize similar events in empty buildings, recently taking over an area of Brixton Market and filling it with fun!

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