8 Mar 2010

Out of the Ordinary

It is one of my pet-hates that 'Craft' has become a dirty word, implying messy, unrefined, novice-style home-making, instead of the true skill, patience, years of learning and historical connections that actually make true Craft. The Craft-Council are dedicated to upholding the true value of craft, and reviving the importance and desirability to this often under-valued form of making specialist objects of beauty. I know from experience that a true craft takes years to perfect, and it's only then that the skills of these crafts (weaving, paper-cutting, lace-making, knitting, ...) can be used to interpret an individual creative flair. These are images from last years 'Spectacular Craft' exhibition at the V&A, where skilled crafts-people from around the world, were brought together to display their work and dispel the myth that 'craft' is just for hobbyists, novices and church halls! All of these people have mastered their crafts, are making a living by interpreting these methods in thoroughly contemporary manner!

If you missed the exhibition, I really recommend the book: Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft, by V&A Publications and the Crafts Council

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