19 Mar 2010

Woven comfort-blankets!

Don't you just want to envelope yourself in a colourful cocoon! Coming soon; Holly Berry's Morse-code double cloth comfort blankets & throws!

I am very excited to be able to say that I have got the balls swiftly rolling towards getting my hand-woven cloth made into some very special throws!

Due to the lovely support and kind response that I have received since 'Mastercrafts' aired last Friday on BBC2, I have been overwhelmed with interest, so have started a waiting list for people keen to own a Holly Berry, double-cloth throw, with hidden Morse-code messages within the design, spelling out 'LOVE'. Please get in touch with me if you'd like to be added to the waiting list and mailing list, so that I can ensure to let you know more details, when they will be ready and to get yours on its way to your home. I aim to have them ready for when the weather next turns chilly, so plenty of time to save up!

If you still haven't managed to see the show, it is on i-player for 26 days:


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  1. I've just watched mastercrafts which i'd recorded a few weeks ago and have to say that you came over REALLY well and you were my favourite out of the three so am sorry that you didn't win the scholarship prize. But I do hope you will carry on with the craft - you show a real talent.