7 May 2010

Back in London Village...

I've jumped strait back into the murky mixed water of work, creativity and city-living, and have thrown myself into some rather pressing ventures, so haven't yet had time to compose some visual treats reporting from my Scottish adventure. But be assured, it was perfect and I'm full of creative juice to pour into my Studio ventures, and to translate that bit of Scottish heaven into our New Cross renovation project! I will make a south London Oasis come what may!

To provide a small taster, I think I have developed a liking for a new favourite collour...see images from Ullapool pier.. these sea soaked fish boxes on dock were the perfect shade! and the ropes, nets, buoys and mountains all inspired me. I'm going to post some drawings, moods, ideas, sketches etc as soon as I can. But I am most definitely back and things are a happening!

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