9 May 2010

Wilderness, optimism, freedom and perspective.

Finally had time to digest my recent trip; having studied natural forms, drawn inspiration from the outdoors, met fantastic UK suppliers who will help to form the chain in making my ideas come to life...and developed a very celebratory feel for processes and manufacture...from mum's hand crocheting to traditional mill production... Individuals, curatives, people getting on with life and making things, 'JUST do it' (thanks Nike) perfumers, ceramicists, wood turners, fiber experts... what a sense of making it happen...dreams to follow, industrious creativity and a culture and network of artisans and craftspeople. I cannot wait to go on my next trip...this time to Shetland...to get stuck into some serious weaving and studious development! But first, I have a range of hand-woven pieces to make for design week in September, and samples of the 'Morse-code' comfort cloth and my 'Free as a bird' collection to get finished ready for production!

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  1. welcome home and back to blogland. glad ur trip was wonderful, cant wait to see what u develop from ur scottish adventures.
    Jo xxxx