25 Jun 2010

Mermaids Tears

What're you going to do? I find them when I go to the sea shore....

They report that small plastic pellets called "mermaids' tears", which are the result of industry and domestic waste, have spread across the world's seas. The scientists had previously found the debris on UK beaches and in European waters; now they have replicated the finding on four continents. Scientists are worried that these fragments can get into the food chain.

Plastic rubbish, from drinks bottles and fishing nets to the ubiquitous carrier bag, ends up in the world's oceans. Sturdy and durable plastic does not bio-degrade, it only breaks down physically, and so persists in the environment for possibly hundreds of years.

I have been collecting these harmful but strangely pretty little pieces of plastic for years, they have a faded delicate quality that only time spent at sea can bring to the tone and weight. I plan one day to collaborate with my friend who's a silversmith to create some jewelry pieces using mermaids tears and precious metals.

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