7 Jul 2010

I heart South London Gallery...

When I went to visit the AA2A exhibition at Camberwell last week, I was then drawn in to the South London Gallery next door, through it's vast hall with Graphic instillation's covering the walls, then into the secret garden full of people deep in thought...then up in the lift to the artist in residences muse. which has for this exhibition been turned into an exhibit of work applied directly to the bare white and pink-plastered walls. Blocks of bold colour, repeat pattern, lino tape bouncing around the staircase and then a details illustrative story on the wall of the beautiful bathroom. Not only was this an exhibit of art, but of architecture and of contemporary curatorships. The flat itself providing an inspiration for just how special a simple south London interior can be transformed. The kitchen finish, the white wooden roof beams, and the instillation stair case all will be digested and no doubt regurgitated in our New Cross space project.

It was a great find, and as it is just next to my favourite Peckham, I'm sure will become a regular of mine.

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