14 Jul 2010

RCA Summer Show 2010

Lucinda Abell

Jane Bowler

Jrumchai Singalvanij

Katie Lenton

I made my annual trip to the RCA summer show the week before last and was stimulated from the moment I walked through the door. The textiles section of the show featured some amazing interactive pieces by Katie Gaudion, the most beautiful collection of textiles inspired by Nomadic adventures by Eleanor Nadimi, woven textiles using beautiful natural wools with a British mill by Mary Penny, geometric animal prints by Lucinda Abell and sculptural metallic woven pieces by Lynn Tandler. It's inspiring to see textiles crossing such a diverse array of disciplines and uses, and goes to illustrate what an important part they play in our lives, the inventive spirit can imagine and create such beautiful new meanings, stories and emotions through experimenting with craft, technology and in depth research.

Walking through the exhibition and out the back to a separate building full of amazing projects by product and furniture designers really caught my eye and imagination. Wall unity, flat metal chairs, tweeting walls, porcelain slow food, use of a whole chicken, re-use projects and thoughtful community project work.

On my way out through the animation show I encountered the most wonderful phrase I've heard all year... "it's my fourth birthday party, and I have just been told that I will not receive another for a quarter of my life..." spoken in drab middle aged tone alongside a paper model scene and story to accompany. http://www.mikeyplease.co.uk/index.html

I ended my visit watching films, dance experiments and map reading by Louise O'Connor who I have always loved and will continue to do so!

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