14 Jul 2010

Textile Taxidermy, Donya Coward at Margo Selby..

The work of textile artist Donya Coward is currently on show at the Margo Selby studio and shop in Bloomsbury. The Pet Portraits project results in these thoroughly modern and humorous objects which adorn the walls, glass cabinets and even the new Chesterfield-style upholstered Margo Selby sofa!

Using traditional techniques and crafts skills, each dog is carefully made by hand using reclaimed materials, hooks, glass buttons and jewelry and they sparkle with detail and quality. It's rare these days to find something truly unique but here I think we have an artist who uses the tradition of taxidermy and hunting trophies to deliver a very personal and new approach, showing the many yet unimagined approaches to future textiles in art and design.

Exhibit up until 2nd October.
pieces of 'Textile Taxidermy' which

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